◆ Introduction

  CHUNWOO Company is a fully licensed wholesale, trading, planning, procurement and services for the fields of crude oil refinery, petrochemical, chemical, gas plant, power/industrial plant and procurement that was started in July1987.  We have over 25 years experience in those fields.


  We strongly believe in the value produced by relationships with our valued

customers, those created by our specialty services and supply products.

We are positive and passionate about the business possibilities created

through wide experience, good solutions and excellent services for a

mutual benefit.


  Our customers in domestic and overseas, CHUNWOO Company have

been working together with them as a supplier and customers for a long 

time-over 25 years.



◆ about CHUNWOO Company

*  Foundation  :   1987
*  Certificate of Business Registration  :   211-71-61776
*  Certificate of Registration A.F.T.A.K  :   198757902
*  Certificate of K.I.T.A  :   11451334
*  Certificate of Military Security  :   3015215, 5100099
*  Certificate of Registration for The Army  :   8327
*  Certificate of Registration for DPA Ministry of  National  Defense Republic

    of Korea   :  97018  

*  Member of Seoul Chamber of Commerce & Industry
*  Certificate of Registration Toxic & Hazard materials sales/handing

    License  :  0232-06012